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DOTS Beta Testing

In February, we announced DOTS as a Proof of Concept (PoC) prior to our trip to ETHDenver.

Our objective was to present a demo product at our booth in ETHDenver and, given the rise of popularity of NFTs and Metaverse, we decided to present a concept that would demonstrate the robustness of Nahmii. Additionally, we were able to deliver this prototype in just 9 days!

What is DOTS?

DOTS is a Metaverse VR world where users can create their own NFTs by shooting colored dots at a 3D canvas. Each dot shot onto the canvas is an ERC1155 NFT. Once the user has successfully created their art, it can be converted into an NFT and published on the staging environment of Kiwii with the click of a button! When you click the minting button, all the ERC1155 NFTs are burned and a brand new composite ERC721 NFT will be created. Our platform offers a canvas size of 24x24 dots, similar to the 24x24 pixels in a Crypto Punk (hence, the maximum number of dots you can use on a per image basis is 576). It is important to note that DOTS was built for the Oculus Quest 2, therefore users will need one to access it.

Post ETHDenver

We received a lot of positive feedback for DOTS in ETHDenver, so we decided to open up a beta group amongst our community members. Around 35 people have already signed up for it. Users will be provided exclusive access to the beta programme. We worked with our talented partners Nagelld AS to build DOTS, who are part of the VRINN research cluster. Since then we have announced a partnership between VRINN and SkunkDAO.

As our Oculus Quest 2 app is not yet uploaded to the App Store, users will require a 3rd party tool to install it. This tool is called ‘Sidequest’ and the link to a guide will be provided below so users are able to sideload the app to their devices.

Access to the app will be provided to users who have already signed up for the beta test. A summary of the steps required to sideload the app via Sidequest is below. However, users who are interested in installing the app will be provided with instructions on how to sideload the app via Sidequest:

  1. Download the DOTS app build which has been provided to you
  2. Download sidequest from:
  3. Then, you will need to follow the instructions from this post:
  • Enable Developer Mode on your Quest
  • Register as a developer on the Oculus account associated with your Quest
  • Use your Oculus Quest 2 USB-C cable and connect it to your computer and the Oculus Quest 2 headset

Although this app is still a Proof of Concept (PoC), we believe that DOTS strongly follows SkunkDAO’s ethos of building, prototyping and innovating at a rapid pace. We hope to receive feedback from our beta testers prior to evaluating our decision on the next steps and the eventual launch of a commercial ‘mainnet’ version.



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