To My Fellow Creatives: You’re Worthy Of Pursuing Your Passions

Source: Sebastian Voortman, via Pexels (Pexels License)

It’s tough to keep going when there are so many elitists out there (those who have the multiple degrees, years of experience, a prestigious position in their field, and industry connections) who will do anything to discourage you from pursuing your passion, even going so far as to questioning your motives: “You’re not a real writer/artist because you just want to make money and get thousands of followers.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard the following things before, not just from elitists, but from people who aren’t actively pursuing a creative goal:

“You need to be more realistic.”

“If you can’t do it every day, you’re just a wannabe dreamer.”

“You’re untalented. You can’t do what you want if you aren’t qualified for it.”

I once was caught up in that trap (by also judging passionate side hustlers for being “unrealistic” and “childish” for stepping out and creating a life that they dared to dream of), but now I realize that it’s so unfair of me to judge all new creatives for sharing their work, and I know that the creative world isn’t free from cutthroat competition imposed by elitists who still believe that if new people get a slice of the pie, then they won’t have as much.

But there’s always room for more content creators, despite how much the cynics complain about oversaturation in the market.

New people have a lot to share, and it takes a tremendous amount of courage to say what’s on their hearts. I applaud them for that.

Yeah, we all understand that life as a creative isn’t straightforward or linear. We don’t need to be reminded that it’s a harsh world out there. We already know that pursuing a life of passion isn’t easy at all, but it’s so worthwhile and we know we have the potential to create even more amazing things, even though we weren’t born into the top 1% of the world and we don’t have the rare prodigious talent that people say you need. Because that’s overrated.

You shouldn’t let anyone stop you from creating, not even if they claim that you are just an average person with a shallow dream. You are not shallow for wanting more in life. You’ll never get past average if you allow their criticisms of you to influence you not to try at all.

The majority of content creators do it because they simply LOVE creating. Not for the followers, the likes, the potential passive income stream, or for people to think they’re talented. They are compelled to create because they can’t imagine a life without it. Elitists often judge newbies for pursuing it for the wrong reasons.

Even when a writer isn’t considered “good,” I’ll love that writer if he or she writes something that makes me feel understood, despite how much people think it’s too simplistic and vulnerable.

You don’t need to tell other people that they’re being unrealistic by pursuing a creative goal. I only hurt myself when I held those views in my heart. But there’s so much more to life than success and trying to beat competitors in order to reach the top of a world that doesn’t even welcome you with open arms anyway.

So my fellow creatives, keep moving, keep creating, and no matter what, keep that fire going!

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