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Sky Collection

Renewal of Vows

a double etheree

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

to stand by
through thick and thin
when you need me, I’m
there with love, words to speak
encouragement, and to hold
with love and admiration. You
are the love of my life and I won’t
forget the ways you’ve saved me from the lone

wolf mentality, from lonely nights, you
are the best blessing in life. Thanks for
showing up and loving me. I
am stronger with you, I feel
like my best self with you.
I can’t wait to learn ,
grow each day with
you in love
side by

Thank you so much for reading. I was inspired by Melissa Coffey's prompt found in Sky Collection. I’m getting ready to renew my vows and this poem really helped me to start the process and get the wheels turning. The prompt article can be found here:



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