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What a May Writing Experience it was!

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

May was an incredible month for growth. Sky Collection has more writers, readers, and engagement. The May Writing Experience is over, but the lessons are actually timeless. Any time you feel like you need a boost, return to the lessons, and see how you can return to your writing or any art with free-flowing energy.

I am working on my own reflection, which should be ready to read in a day or two. The May Writing Experience with Christina M. Ward was quite the journey, and I need some time to really reflect on the month.

I want to acknowledge these Sky Collection writers who took the challenge and came along on the journey in May:

Lennie Varvarides, Mimi Bordeaux, Janaka Stagnaro, K. Barrett, Allison Cecile, Lisa Bolin, MDSHall, Trisha Dunbar, & Kathryn A. LeRoy.
If I missed your name, please forgive me! I look forward to reading your reflections. Please tag me in them, wherever you publish.

Please Welcome Our New Writers

Melissa Coffey, Julia Marsiglio, Jac Gautreau, Mimi Bordeaux, Amanda Spiller, K. Barrett, Trisha Dunbar, Lennie Varvarides, Wry Welwood, Nikki Tate, janny’s heart, David Sales, Josie Elbiry, Elizabeth Barnesco, Allison Cecile, Eleanor Grey, Hannah M. Moore, Rachel Ramkaran (she/her), Julia Saha, Galit Birk, PhD, & AbGhaffar@

Quote Prompts Will Return

Stay tuned for our next prompt coming up next week! Responses to the prompt can be poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Remember you can write for any of the prompts at any time. Check out the writing prompts tab!

Thank you!

This little solo publication has grown beyond what I thought possible. Thank you writers, for continuing to write quality, insightful, and heartfelt pieces. Thank you readers for stopping by to see what’s new at Sky Collection. Happy June everyone!

Love, Sam



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Samantha Lazar

Poetry, fiction, and essays in celebration of being a Mom, Wife, Educator, Writer, & Lover of Life.