Net Neutrality: the state of play in Europe (map)

Ben Evans flagged an interesting report in his weekly newsletter. The EU’s annual report on the digital industry is packed full of goodies, but one section is given over to Net Neutrality. This is the idea that all traffic flowing over the internet should be treated equally. Dive into this Wikipedia hole if you want to understand the extremely controversial better.

But the paper provides an overview of how each member states approach the issue. Using this, along with another report here, I made this at a glance-map.

This is very basic, and please let me know where the oversimplification is too gross.

Orange means that the country currently has no position, or is waiting for the EU to come up with a memberzone-wide ruling. Yellow means a government or regulatory body has issued guidelines. Light green means there is some sort of self-regulation in operation. Dark green corresponds to countries with net neutrality enshrined in the law books (or on the way).

Black means I have no idea — please tell me if you do.

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