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#25 [Event]🔥Show OFF On Social Media & Double your skp🔥

Swap your social power to SKP! 🥳

🎁1st place will receive twice the number of SKPs they have verified on the platform.🎁

You are an indispensable and important user of SKY Play.
We sincerely thank all of you who contribute to the expansion of the SKY Play ecosystem.🌏
So the Skyplay team couldn’t sit still.
We have prepared a special event for SKP holders.

🗓 Detailed event schedule 🗓

This event will be held weekly for skp holders.

  1. Every Thursday : UTC 10:00 am event start 🔥
  2. Every Monday : UTC 00:00 am snap shot 📸
    (If you don’t have skp in your wallet when you take a snapshot, your winnings will be cancelled.)
  3. Every Tuesday : 🏆 11th to 20th 🏆 place announced
  4. Every Wednesday: 🥇 01st to 10th 🥇 place announced

🎯 detailed scoreboard 🎯

  1. number of likes👍❤️ X 2 Point
  2. number of upload platforms👨🏻‍💻 X 100 Point
  3. Number of SKP certifications💰 X 1 Point

❓ How to participate in detail ❓

Please read the details below and participate in the event according to the form.

1️⃣ Capture and post your skp count on multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, to let others know you’re an SKP holder!

  1. Enter SKP whale challenge at the top of the post
  2. Please enter a hash tag #SKY_Play, #coin_grid, #skp, #SKP_whale
  3. You must have skp in your portal wallet address.
    (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc. are not possible)

ex) 👇

2️⃣ Please fill out the Google form!

💸💰event prize pool 15,000 SKP💰💸

1st : 5,000 SKP
2nd : 2,500 SKP
3rd : 1,500 SKP ️
4th~10th : 350 SKP per person (Total : 3,500)
11th~20th : 250 SKP per person (Total : 2,500)


  1. The payment of prize money may change slightly according to SKY Play’s internal and external schedules.
  2. SKY Play owns all interpretation rights for the event contents.
  3. Users with multiple accounts may be blocked without warning and deprived of opportunities for future events.
  4. 1st place can receive twice as many SKPs as verified, but up to a maximum of 5,000SKP.



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