Skyfleet Begins Testing the Foundation of an Internet Revolution

Jun 1, 2018 · 7 min read

May, 2018 Skycoin Community Update

Our hearts swell with pride every time we report on Skycoin’s accomplishments. Today’s report stands out, though, as a goliath undertaking that has come to fruition with overwhelming support and excitement from our community. We have been hard at work building a protocol that is the first of its kind in peer-to-peer networking, and the foundation upon which the Skycoin platform will be built and operated. The gigantic achievement is, of course, the successful launch of our Skywire testnet!

We’ve put more than six years of hard work into hand-crafting every aspect of the Skycoin ecosystem and hopefully you’ve taken note of our project long before this announcement! However, if this is your first time here we encourage you to take a dive into the unbreakable telecom backbone that we and our community are building to operate a private, secure, open and free internet.

A Testnet For Freedom

Have you submitted your miner to the whitelist?

Skywire represents a unique opportunity for society to take back the power of interconnectivity and regain ownership of our privacy and identity online. While we intend to leverage current internet infrastructure to get the first tier of our network online, the long-term focus of a sovereign, safe, and free internet for the whole world has never changed.

A mesh network of global users and providers creates a resilient peer-to-peer internet that can survive and continue to operate under the most catastrophic of conditions. The testnet is an important step to benchmark the Skywire network and economic systems to prepare the network for broader use and wide-scale adoption.

We look forward to your eager participation in the testnet, hopefully you’ve already built your Skyminer and can reap some of the Skycoin incentives that our development team is offering as rewards to participating users.

For additional Skyminer help, check our FAQ. For DIY help, check our community forum.

Launching an Adaptable, Scalable Ecosystem

While the Skywire testnet has been a high priority for our team, we are also still hard at work improving all aspects of the Skycoin ecosystem

Back in April, we hosted our official ecosystem launch party in Shanghai with our esteemed partners and community members. Exciting progress have been made on all fronts within the growing Skycoin ecosystem.

On the hardware front, we showcased our hardware wallet prototype, SAMOS’ distributed cloud storage hardware nodes and Apollochain’s smart power meter prototype which will be used in trials of smart microgrids with partners in Australia and India.

Power meters, hardware wallets, cloud storage nodes, oh my!

On the software front, we announced plans to begin university partnerships to train students on how to use our Golang-derived and easily taught deterministic programming language, CX. We also showcased CXO, our distributed data structure that is more powerful than blockchain. KittyCash, our blockchain gaming pilot project, showcased the applications of non-fungible asset on Fibre, announced their wallet and the first minigame programed with CX, coming in October. Additionally, MDL Talent Hub, a Fiber project, unveiled their groundbreaking machine-learning reputation model.

Machine learning, better than blockchain storage, and kitties!

Finally, we unveiled our new Shanghai office with a hardware incubator soon accelerating the hardware development of our platform.

Our Shanghai team hard at work in our shiny new offices.

And last but not least, here is a supercut video of the ecosystem launch event!

Last month we made major development updates to Skycoin, and you can expect many more to come over time. We also published an article on our proprietary Obelisk consensus mechanism that you will hear more about in the coming weeks and months.

Technology for Visionaries

The Skycoin team is building technology that will fundamentally change the world, and we encourage you to dive deep into our whitepapers to get a strong understanding of our team’s vision for the Skycoin platform. Last month we released our official business whitepaper as well as a tl;dr of the whitepaper, just in case you are a visionary and short of time for reading!

Financing the Future — United Nations Talk

Skycoin has been pushing forward on all fronts, and was included in the blockchain conversations happening at the UN. Check out Prof. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber’s UN Talk in Geneva where Skycoin’s Skyledger (Fiber) and Obelisk technologies receive praise for sustainability in the future.

“Consensus Bull” Be Damned, It Was Still a Great Time!

Skycoin was excited to attend Consensus this year for many reasons, and we hope our community members and professional peers got as much out of the conference as we did. We showed up eager to add to the ranks of Skyfleet by showing off our innovative technology and regularly flashing a Skyminer in peoples’ envious faces. The Skyminer sure turns heads and when they hear about what we are building with it, the Skycoin vision opens minds as well.

We were also asked to do a live segment on NASDAQ Trade Talks during Consensus, which was a great opportunity for Danish to update NASDAQ and everyone who tuned in with the latest details on the Skyminer testnet!

Consensus was a massive success thanks to our dedicated PR team and passionate Skyfleet community advocates.

The Kitties are Coming!

We hope you also heard a bit about our good friends over at KittyCash, an early Skycoin Fiber adopter. They have also had an exciting series of recent developments ranging from their successful alpha release and upcoming initial kitty offering, or “IKO”, to their exciting “KittyDrop” of airdropped kitties right around the corner!

Skyfleet Creative Expansion — Video Contest Extension

Having added to our ranks significantly in the past month, we are excited to announce that we are pushing back the due date on the Skyfleet Community Video Contest to Friday, June 15th.

Our community has been very occupied with building their Skyminers and getting them set up for testnet, and after attending and hosting events around the world we have an excited new inrush of community members who we’d like to give a fair chance to participate in our video contest. Get some skin in the game, show us your creative side and earn a pile of SKY and your very own Skyminer!

Skyfleet Testnet Expansion — Another Batch of Skyminers

Ready and waiting to form the backbone of the new internet…

The Skywire testnet has successfully launched with over 4,000 nodes on the Skywire network and counting. On the heels of that tremendous success, we are expanding the testnet squad with another batch of official Skyminers to be available soon! We’ve opened up our official Skyminer waitlist again, so don’t miss your chance to run our first-generation Skyminer and help test Skywire with us!

Check out the map below to see where our Skyfleet is most active!

Where’s your pin?

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges!!!!!

Our community is ravenous as ever lately, and for a long time they’ve been harping about exchanges and availability of $SKY, so it is our pleasure to bring your attention to your most recent listings on Chaoex and Bitrabbit:

Chaoex was excited to list Skycoin earlier this month
Bitrabbit also brought Skycoin markets to their new exchange

And we would be remiss to not bring special attention to our good friends and exchange partners at Binance! The Skycoin team has been working very hard to bring the best combination of technology, marketing, and investment opportunity to the community and with the listing on one of the top exchanges in the world we have delivered the final piece!

Binance Binance Biance Binance! Put a ring on it!

What’s next for Skycoin…

We’ve delivered a lot in the past few months, but there is still a lot of work to be done so you can expect more to come in the near future. Next week we’ll be showcasing a mobile Skycoin wallet that was created by our Skyfleet community members, major partnerships are in the works and will be announced soon, and we are constantly working with top exchanges to make sure Skycoin is listed as widely as possible.

Onwards and upwards Skyfleet, the sky is no limit for us!


Skycoin is the first solid foundation for the decentralized…