We, the Skyfleet, are taking back our internet freedom with the Skyminer.

The Skyminer is a hardware tool for sovereign individuals to defend internet privacy of the people in an age of data leaks, corporate exploitation and government surveillance. Each Skyminer contains 8 computing boards that forward encrypted packets on the new private internet called Skywire.

Running the Skyminer on the Skywire mainnet earns Skycoin Coin Hours in proportion to the amount of bandwidth provided to the network. The more packets you forward, the more coins you earn.

Coin Hours will soon be able to be exchanged for Skycoin, allowing you to accumulate a store of censorship-resistant digital currency, exchanged on a free and open new internet.

The release of the second round of Official Skyminers is a significant milestone, allowing the people to own the infrastructure of the new internet. Rewards* for running the Official Skyminer are two-fold:

  1. Mainnet Coin Hour payments for traffic forwarding (same as DIY Skyminers)
  2. A network incentive reward. Each Official Skyminer will receive a monthly Skycoin reward equal to 1/24th of the Skyminer price, for 24 months. This ensures a return on your investment to support Skywire with your Skyminer over 2 years. This incentive guarantees a payback for your Skyminer over 2 years if the uptime requirement over that period is met.

*Fixed Skycoin payments can only be claimed within three years after the end of the month of your purchase. A guaranteed of $83.33 USD of monthly rewards for 24 months plus any extra profit you earn by participating on the mainnet with your peers.

This reward structure incentivizes Skywire build-out in its early stages — first adopters are rewarded for the important role they play in laying the Skywire foundation. On the launch of mainnet and the roll-out of WiFi antennas, Skywire will grow to become the largest incentivized encrypted mesh network on the planet.

Building the infrastructure of a new global internet is a monumental task. But revolutions begin with the common people who refuse to take the boot of corporate power in their face. By purchasing and running a Skyminer, you are helping to free yourself from centralized internet providers and the faceless entities that profit from selling your data.

Join the thousands of Skyfleets around the world who are taking back their online information sovereignty, one encrypted packet at a time.