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Beacon or Controller (or both)?

Nov 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Meet Beacon

The best way to fly Skydio 2 while you’re on the move.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke, probably shortly after his first Skydio 2 flight with Beacon.
GPS + visual tracking = smoother, more cinematic footage
GPS enables non-visual tracking so Skydio 2 can keep following you even if it can’t see you.
Set/change Skydio 2 to your preferred filming angle with the push of a button.
Double-tap-Dronie: The big dramatic reveal shot is never more than a double tap away.
Magic Wand: Place Skydio 2 wherever you want in the sky with intuitive “drag & drop” controls.

Meet Controller

Skydio Autonomy + Precision Control is an incredibly powerful formula for getting the toughest shots.

An unmatched experience for stress/crash-free flight enthusiasts.

Full 360 Obstacle Avoidance means you can fly safely in any direction without fear of crashing.
Smart path planning provides a safe & smooth flying experience for Skydio 2 pilots of all experience levels.

Precision Controls

Get that tricky shot you’ve always wanted with custom flight sensitivity settings.
Boost Button & Zoom Controls create great FPV footage and make flying backwards a breeze.

In Summary

  • Best For: Flying with one hand or no hands.
  • Pros: Very Cool. Possibly Magic. Get great shots, no phone required.
  • Cons: Isn’t Waterproof (easy solve).
  • Best For: Two-handed precision flight with no stress.
  • Pros: “Have fun! Be Safe!” Has a secret boost button. Also very cool.
  • Cons: Not great for drone-crash enthusiasts.


Skydio is making drones more accessible and useful for…


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Skydio makes every aspect of flying drones more creative, more fun, more useful, and less stressful with groundbreaking artificial intelligence.



Skydio is making drones more accessible and useful for consumers and companies.

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