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Skydio 2s are now shipping and available for purchase again! It may feel like deja-vu (because we’ve definitely written that before), but it’s true. The mandated covid-19 lock-down here in Redwood City, California has been lifted, so — after implementing the necessary safety measures for our technicians — we have started to ramp up manufacturing again. If you haven’t ordered your Skydio 2 already, you can now do so from our online store! We recognize many of you have been waiting to get your Skydio 2 for a while now and we’d like to thank you for your patience during these difficult times. You can be assured that we are working around the clock to ship your unit as quickly as possible while keeping our employees and communities safe. Based on our current projections and assuming we don’t get impacted by Covid-19 again, we expect to catch up to our order backlog by the end of September.

During lock-down our engineers kept the pedal to metal and cooked up a new Skydio 2 Software Update with some much requested features, such as longer range Beacon tracking, as well as some new equally awesome surprises like Case Landing.


Our most popular feature request is here! We’ve worked hard on updating Skydio Autonomy, our breakthrough AI engine, to be able to track you from further away for those awesome framing shots of both the subject and the surrounding landscape. Maximum tracking distance with the Skydio Beacon has increased from 10 meters to 40 meters (130 feet). Maximum tracking distance with the phone has increased from 10 to 20 meters (66 feet). Keep in mind that when tracking at long distance Skydio 2 requires a strong GPS signal.


Orbit is now available in the Beacon mode selector. When orbiting with the beacon you may change the speed & direction of the orbit using either the beacon controls or with Drag & Drop. Like tracking, orbiting from long range requires a strong GPS signal.

Hover is also now available in the Beacon mode selector. GPS is now enabled in Hover to assist in locating the subject even when Skydio 2 can’t see it. Drag & Drop now works while in Hover to change Skydio 2’s position.


When you are out in the wild it isn’t always possible to find a clean area to land your Skydio. We’re excited to announce another step towards smarter and safer drone technology with Case Landing. If a landing is initiated above the case, Skydio 2 will autonomously perform a safe landing on the logo of the case. You’ll see an augmented reality target appear around the target on the phone after initiating landing. Use this whenever you’re landing on uneven terrain, worried about debris near the props, dust on the ground, or just to show your friends how smart your drone is!

To course correct your Skydio 2 to a better spot while landing, we have added a new Nudging feature. Using the phone joysticks or the Controller, you can nudge Skydio 2 sideways while it’s performing a landing sequence to move it into a better spot.

Lastly, Skydio 2 now also makes it more obvious when obstacle avoidance is disabled during landing by changing LEDs from blue to yellow and an on-screen notification. Do not try to hand catch the vehicle until the LEDs are yellow. Piloting/nudging the vehicle during a case landing will cancel the case landing.


The Dual Charger has received a software update that allows it to pass power through to the 2nd USB-C port, allowing you to plug in and charge small accessories like the Beacon, Controller, or your Phone. If you connect 1 or 2 batteries to the charger and then plug in a USB accessory, you can charge the accessory off the batteries.

You’ll find more details about bug fixes and experience improvements throughout the app, beacon, controller, and vehicle software in this blog post.


Skydio Engineers aren’t the only ones that have been busy during quarantine. The Skydio Community has been creating some really awesome content over the last few months. If you’re still waiting for your Skydio 2, or still deciding on whether to place an order, here is some rad content from the community to help you decide! And we hope you will also be contributing your footage soon.

Over the last few months Skydio has proven there is an overwhelming demand for reliable autonomy in the drone industry. Skydio Autonomy has opened new doors for both consumer and enterprise customers and is the framework for the future of drones.

The future is bright for Skydio, but the best part is, we’re just getting started.

-Team Skydio



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