Exciting Unknowns

[ik-sahy-ting] — (adj) producing excitement; stirring; thrilling:

Image source : www.quotationof.com

Few years ago, i started a small startup, started with my university college mates looking for additional activities outside campus life. It went a bit serious when all of us reached our graduation, and sadly i became the last man standing on this dream, the others never believed that this small team has a future.

Then i run this startup by myself, my initial idea was to prove them wrong. I made it true, we’re far from success but fortunately made it happened to be survived, and profitable.

Along the way, we made it possible to reach more clients and getting more revenue, we’re getting bigger — without hiring any single marketing person. As time goes by, it become a comfortable business to have for my partner and me, and nice place to work for our team members.

I always proud to mention my team that they’re wild horses, our eyes are blurred but keep running, move fast and breaking things, made so many mistakes and stupid decisions, yet we never felt exhausted doing that.

I imagine that this wild horses should have wings, so we can fly. Would be amazing if we can leave our tiny stalls and fly to see the sky. For the sake of making that happened, we need find wings for these wild horses.

Then i made it

Things went pretty well at first, everyone enjoying new wings, flapping and play around, relishing moments

Until it alarmed me

One important thing that changed is, we don’t need to run blind — as we were. But we need to fly high. The game is changed and we face totally new challenge, and in fact, on the sky — we accomplished nothing.

But i believe in one thing, we’d like to seek the sky’s limit just to know what the holy grail taste like.

A new journey, flying blind and full of exciting unknowns

Stay hungry, stay wild