Micromanaging is painful

Did you ever noticed that half of your working time is spent to asking updates from team?

Did you ever noticed that everyone feel annoyed when you always ask the updates?

Did you ever feeling anxious when there is task that should be done but still pending after several days?

The answer is Yes I did

I want to highlight that condition above is known as Micromanage. Micromanage is monitoring all details work that should be delivered based on definition of done provided by PO (product owner), which is hard, painful and not different as a reminder.

Here are several example of condition that turn me as Micromanager:

  1. There is task stuck as pending for several days, but when you check, turns out it have done for LONG TIME AGO
  2. There is task that said will be done for today, but until noon the task not updated in board as DOING
  3. Too much distraction caused my team forget what need to be prioritised, so I need to provide a checklist to keep FOCUS

And each day my activities gonna be like:

  1. Wake up at 8 AM
  2. Arrive on office at 9 AM
  3. Check standup schedule
  4. Check board and notes from previous day
  5. Follow up issue/impediment on standup
  6. End standup
  7. Repeat from point 3 for another standup

The worst is I’ve ever using ruler to enforce discipline to my team, yup by giving them THREAT 😔


Then someday, my boss said to evaluate our tools project management. So here it is step by step how i find solution for micromanage.

Find PROS and CONS of your power:

As Trello user here is the result


  • It’s free to set your board style
  • You can monitoring via web or app.
  • Creating issues and assign someone to those issues are simple and easy.
  • Everyone have same permission on board
  • 1 task can be assigned by multiple person


  • No gantt (project bar chart) or any report to show sprint or velocity progress
  • Too many board can make developer confused
  • Need to use plugin for display complexity or type using format ()
  • New sprint means New board, latest state we have 161 board Created on Trello. Meanwhile at the time only 13 board active
  • Once card archived, there is no notification to all member involved. Unless member subscribed to board
  • A LOT of abundant board make approval is hard because need effort to check which card need approval.
  • A LOT of google docs file to store every report of sprint

Based on that i tried compare our tools with others such as Activecollab, Agile Bench, Agilo, Targetprocess, VersionOne, and Jira.

Ooptimise your power by explore it:

After several test and compare one by one tools with Trello, then we decide to give a try for JIRA.

We start by mapping our development flow, explore any features from JIRA that works with our behaviour, setup project and board then running it for 1 sprint.

Show the Magic

From other powerful features we find on JIRA, we meet `Automate transition flow`. How this magic works, lets we show you:

Part 1. Setup trigger in your workflow


Part 2. Automation on PR created


Part 3. Automation on PR merged


This feature helps our team learn discipline in another perspective instead put ruler in front of them. Now, our team still adjusting with JIRA, but we always remember that

It’s not the tools you have faith in. TOOLS are just TOOLS, they work or they don’t work. It’s people you have faith in or not ~ Steve Jobs

Thanks for reading my post, please stay tune for another post from me. Cheers 😀