Skycoin Skyfleet: One of the largest and most diverse crypto communities

Marco Casino
Feb 7, 2019 · 3 min read

The Skycoin community is known as Skyfleet, and members mostly congregate in various Telegram groups. There is also a strong presence on Twitter. But what makes Skycoin stand out from other crypto projects is the sheer number of different Telegram communities. Skycoin has almost 100 different Telegram groups, each dedicated to different countries and different aspects of this massive and complex ecosystem.

The Main Skycoin Group has almost 10,000 members (as of February 2019) and is intended for general discussion. Price-related discussion is discouraged in the main group, because unlike other crypto projects, most Skyfleet members are genuinely more interested in developing the world’s best blockchain ecosystem than speculating over the coin value. But for those who do wish to talk about flying to the moon in a lambo, the Skycoin Trading group is the place to go.

Tech support is provided in the Skywire group, in which Skycoin developers and engineers assist users with building and configuring their Skyminers, operating their Skycoin hardware wallets, running VPN/proxy services over Skywire, and similar technical matters. A sister channel, Skywire Meta, focuses on the ‘big picture’ of Skywire deployment, such as antenna designs, community meshnet projects, networking and communications infrastructure.

In the Skycoin Development group, members discuss and decide on the design and development of Skycoin ecosystem components such as the blockchain, wallets, consensus algorithm and Coin Hours mechanics. And for those community members interested in developing games and apps on CX, there’s a dedicated Skycoin CX Game Development group.

There are also specific Skycoin groups for individual countries and even cities around the world, for example Skycoin Australia or Skycoin London. There are too many of these to list here, but there’s at least one for every major nation. In these groups, members arrange activities such as local meetups, or promotional events, or plans for Skywire deployment in their local area.

Additional Telegram groups include Skycoin Support, Skycoin Bounties, BBS Community, KittyCash and Skycoin Fiber. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other groups dedicated to niche interests within the community, such as fitness, memes, gambling, puzzle solving, global meetups, and much more. Some of these will only be discovered once you’ve been immersed in the Skycoin community for a while.

Skyfleet loves to see new members joining the community and getting involved in the project, especially those who are interested in contributing to the ecosystem by building a Skyminer to expand the global Skywire meshnet, or by developing CX games and apps, or by launching an ICO on Fiber, or just by promoting the platform on social media or in your local area. So if you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water, then don’t hesitate to join one (or many!) of these great Skycoin Telegram groups today.

Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

Marco Casino

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Skycoin supporter. Not a Skycoin employee. Visit for information on the Skycoin project.

Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

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