Skycoin Rewards Content Ideas

Last Updated 15th March 2019

In the spirit of making things as easy as possible to get started I’ve decided to list out some topics to help you get started on your creative journey!

This will be a working document and will be updated frequently so be sure to bookmark the page!

If we decide there’s enough content on one of the listed topics we will move that topic to the “Covered” section. These topics will generally not be eligible for earning more SkyCred/Tickets unless you submit something really special!

Let’s get to the topics then!


  • Skycoin Meetup:
    Educate people on the Skycoin Ecosystem
    Get together and tune in for the live-stream gameshow
    Teach people how to use Skycoin, purchasing/selling etc
  • Skywire Meetup: 
    Educate people on the need for a decentralized internet
    Skyminer DIY build tutorials
    Local mesh group
    A tutorial on setting up Skywire VPN
  • CX Focussed Meetup: 
    Give a general overview of the language
    Deliver a tutorial on getting started
    Host a full-blown hackathon. (Sponsorship may be available)


  • Introduce people to different components of the Ecosystem
  • Write about the community
  • Explore issues with the current internet
    Then how Skywire will solve that!
  • Compare Skywire to the current internet
  • Compare Skycoin to Bitcoin / how has Skycoin improved upon other currencies
  • Skycoin History
  • Skycoin Team
  • Github review (For the more technical of you)
  • Document the process of learning CX
  • Create a game using CX and write about the process
  • Installing and getting started with CX
  • CX Tutorials (Contact @ingwa or @amherag on Telegram)
  • Document the process of creating a DIY/Official miner
  • Attend and document a meetup
  • Setting up Skycoin Wallets securely
  • Creating a cold wallet/paper wallet
  • Setting up your Hardware wallet

Videos: (Article Ideas are Transferrable to Video)

  • Record yourself learning and programming in CX
  • Live-Stream yourself programming in CX
  • Create videos of your DAPP or game created in CX
  • Create video Tutorials for CXFX (CX games engine)

I’ve got plenty more Ideas to think of and add over the next few months.
This is just a start…. If you have any ideas that you’d like added then please contact @MacSkyver on Telegram.

For Badges Check Out This Article!


Nothing, it’s open season people! 
Create content on anything you’d like, so long as it’s Skycoin related and not completely ridiculous…

*** Skycoin reserves the right to change any of the information and rules detailed above. We will be sure to notify you if this is the case. ***

Thanks as always to the team behind SRP! Professor Kubyashi, Caribou, Daken, Recogito and Joel The Man this all wouldn’t exist without your continued help.

Cheers team, cheers Skyfleet!

Links to Help get you started: