Why Skycoin is Still Under the Radar in 2019

The tangible legitimacy of Skycoin, the most undervalued project in crypto

The top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap at time of publication, according to coinmarketcap.com. Skycoin sits at #204 out of 2108 listed currencies.
Get it? A bear is literally walking across a bunch of coins with cryptocurrency symbols on them? Thank you stock photographer!
A helpful acronym to remember when dealing with the way in which most cryptocurrencies are reported.
TOR does good and important work with the existing Internet. Skycoin will do it better. For starters, Skycoin will incentivize those willing to provide value to the Skywire network with actual cryptocurrency. (Volunteer to run a node for TOR and you might get a t-shirt…)
As illustrated in this screenshot from Skycoin.net, Skycoin is an ecosystem, which requires the kind of nuanced explanation that many jittery investors are not prepared to sit still for.
This stock photographer is hoping people can’t tell the difference between a bull and what is clearly some kind of bison.
…Did someone take a chalkboard to a coffee shop? Is that the story we’re supposed to accept from this stock image?
Seems like someone will notice eventually…



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