Introducing The Skycoin Rewards Program (SRP)

WIN Skycoin Monthly by Contributing Time

Feb 15, 2019 · 4 min read
Contribute, Earn, WIN!

*Disclaimer: The rules laid out below are subject to change as we work through rolling out this system. If you’re paid by Skycoin to produce a specific type of content or on salary, your content isn’t eligible for this system. If you are paid to write articles and you want to start doing videos in your free time; that’s fine*


The Skycoin Rewards Program (SRP) was created to incentivize and encourage the promotion of Skycoin by rewarding people for the creation of Skycoin related content. We’re aiming to spur newcomers and benchwarmers into action and show appreciation to the dedicated Skyfleet!

We will accept articles, YT videos and hosting local meetups (with photographic proof) as methods of entering the lottery from launch.

, start submitting content for judging and earn tickets to a monthly game-show style live stream where you can win your share of prizes monthly. ($2,000 USD Per-month to start, then scaling)

  • You can even win by just watching the live-stream! So make sure to !
  • Content is accepted from March 1st 2019.


SRP is a raffle/points system hybrid that rewards Skyfleet members by issuing them with points or ‘SkyCred’ relevant to their contribution.

SkyCred earns you tickets for that month at a ratio of 10 to 1.
Tickets are compiled and winners are selected randomly during a game-show style live stream hosted on the on the first Sunday of every month starting with April 7th.

The SkyCred will be used for a ‘ranking’ system with badges and a personal rewards ladder for individual prizes and more…

More tickets = more chances of your ticket being selected and getting a spin on the Skycoin Wheel of Fortune which includes prizes such as:

  • Jackpot: 25% of the prize pool
  • Medium and small Skycoin prizes (based on % of prize pool)
  • Skyminer 2.0 (Future)
  • 3 Skywallets (Future)
  • Tickets towards next months stream

Spot prizes are also awarded to watchers of the live-stream who follow instructions given during the stream.


To earn your chance to win you’ll need to

Make sure to read the pinned message carefully so you’re aware of how to submit content correctly.

There are 6 ways to enter

  1. Submit an original article or translate selected articles (ask for details)
  2. Upload an original video to Youtube
  3. Host a meetup in your local community (ask for info)
  4. Submit a (explained below).
  5. Create Skycoin related 3D prints or battle bots.
  6. Join and build apps using CX.


Fancy yourself a graphic design talent?
Earn up to 30 tickets per accepted banner design.
We need about 30 banners for our levels, explains it best.


Fairness is something we’ve worked hard on ensuring in SRP!
To avoid gaming of the system and to reward the many hard working talented individuals in the Skyfleet content is rated based on the quality and length by 5 Skyfleet Lords. The average vote determines how many Skycred/Tickets are awarded. Meetups are judged on a case by case basis.


There’s much more that will be covered in future articles…
But for those of you who like to ‘look under the hood,’ here’s a sneak peek at how things all come together!

Skycred only earns tickets for the month in which it was awarded and that months awards show. It then rolls over continuously; being used for awarding “levels” and working towards prizes on a personal rewards ladder.

Skyfleet can private message the SRP bot to see how many SkyCred they have in total, how many tickets they have for the current lottery and what level they’ve reached. Levels are currently shown in a bare-bones text format, in the future they will show the corresponding banners on the SRP website.

When the system fully rolls out Skycred may reset for everyone!

Higher prize tiers are unlocked when the universal ticket amount exceeds a set amount for that month. Prize tiers, $ amounts and pool allocation will be discussed in future articles.

The prize amount is set in USD, the USD/SKY rate will be based the day prizes are awarded.


NOW: The SRP Telegram room is open and we are marketing.
MARCH 1ST: Submissions are accepted from this date in the SRP Telegram.
JULY-AUGUST: Skycred system launch.

The Skycred System brings multiple new methods of earning Skycred,
badge levels and ‘scouts’ style badges for achievements (Hosting meetups etc.) And a personal rewards ladder with prizes such as a Skyminer and Skywallet.

This will be an ongoing project and we’ll be offering lot’s of ticket ‘bounties’ to help speed up development.


Thanks to Professor Kubyashi, Caribou, Daken, Recogito and Joel The Man for helping to bring this all together, I couldn’t have done this without your help!

*** Skycoin reserves the right to change any of the information and rules detailed above. We will be sure to notify you if this is the case. ***


Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

Thanks to caribou


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Welcome to your blog Skyfleet! it will contain transcripts of videos, community blog posts and some post from me.

Skyfleet Captain’s Log

Hear from the community behind the development of the new internet Skywire and the decentralized Skycoin economy that supports it!

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