How to easily generate leads on Facebook (without even having a website)

Social media is a marketing tool that is forever growing and evolving. It is also becoming more and more important to businesses looking to build their digital presence.

In the past 12 months alone, Facebook has seen an incredible amount of positive change. It is leading companies across the globe to consider using the site without having to have an external website.

One of the key areas Facebook has addressed that is proving highly successful is their improved targeting options.

There are now different varieties of adverts for users to choose from, ranging from the traffic generating Domain Ad, to the sales driven Multi-Product Carousel, which lets you share a multitude of images. Each offer you a different way to target people and help you to develop custom audiences for specific demographics.

One particularly popular release came at the end of 2015, with what is known as Facebook Lead Adverts. The main aim of the adverts, to quote Facebook is:

“Connecting People with Businesses in Just Two Taps”

How Facebook Lead Ads work

The premise is a simple one, but can hugely influence the way that businesses are able to collect data from their customers. In principle, an advert is created that leads to a pre-prepared form when the customer clicks the link.

In just a few clicks you can capture leads straight from Facebook

They may want more information from you, so sign up for a quote, a demo or even your newsletter. Facebook makes the process a simple one, by filling the form in on behalf of the user with information they have already given, such as name and address. This means less typing for the customer and more incentive to fill in the form.

There is a common myth surrounding Facebook that if you are a Business to Business (B2B) supplier then you will not find your target audience on Facebook. With the changes and additions that Facebook have made, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are over a billion people across the globe who have a Facebook account (more than any other social media network). Regardless of whether you are a B2B business, it is pretty likely that your audience will be in that number.

When should you use Facebook Lead Ads?

So, now that you know what Facebook Lead Ads are, when can you use them for your business?

Here are my top 3:

  • When you want to generate leads to pass to your sales team
  • To get more people to sign up to your webinar or event
  • If you’re a local business with a special offer

Keep in mind that Lead Ads are more expensive than paying for traditional “Facebook Clicks”. The upside though is that the leads you do get tend to be more qualified and of a higher quality.

What’s next for Facebook Lead Ads?

I mentioned earlier in the post that social media continues to evolve and transform at a staggering rate, in order to keep up with the need of its users. Facebook Lead Ads are a relatively new addition to their arsenal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t continuously looking at ways to improve.

Facebook are continually adding new ways to capture leads for your business

At the end of July 2016, Facebook launched a series of new features with the aim of helping you to:

“grab attention and increase the performance of your Facebook lead adverts.”

These additional features look to address the visual aesthetics of the adverts, as well as help you explain the details of your offering more accurately and collect lead information more easily.

Creative Formats

In terms of the visual, you are now able to present your business more creatively through Carousel and Video. The carousel enables you to showcase up to five images in a single advert, a feature that Facebook believes will help you increase sign-ups. The video option is self-explanatory and an equally useful addition.

Context Cards

The next feature is Facebook’s context card. This is an optional card that appears between the person clicking your advert and then being presented with the form. It is a way for you to clearly present the benefits of completing the form they are about to see. You can give detailed information as to what they can expect, with the belief that you will receive more qualified leads as a result.

CRM Integration

If you don’t have a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for your business yet, then you need to get one. A CRM is effectively a database of your leads and clients that can help you to track interactions and monitor relationships. Facebook has added CRM integration as a feature of their lead adverts. By connecting the two, it allows the contact information inputted by the customer to be immediately added to your CRM for incredible efficiency. Although not all tools are currently included, Facebook does offer a list of current integrations.

So, hopefully this post has given you a good idea of exactly how Facebook can help you to generate leads.

Used in the right way, with tools such as Facebook Lead Adverts, it can be an incredible tool for your business.

At Skyline Social, collecting and nurturing leads for our clients is one of the primary things we do. If you can see the benefit of social media and would like to see how we can help you, then get in touch today.