Icofunding & Skyllz

Skyllz is the natural evolution of 2.5 years of experience with workkola.com, a successful platform aiming to reinvent how talent gets access to work and work gets access to talent. Skyllz is a blockchain-based protocol to replace resumes with a unified, portable and trustworthy skill-related reputation, that responds to the new paradigm in lifelong learning, and flexible workforce. At Skyllz we want to create a meaningful and impactful game-changing solution for Education and Talent industries.

Icofunding aims to democratize crowdfunding and the participation in the success of startups and companies through blockchain, and like this empower creativity and entrepreneurship and promote innovation.

They support innovative companies achieving their funding goals by helping them launch an ICO that will be hosted on their ICO marketplace: www.icofunding.com, where ICO supporters can participate safe and easily in ongoing Token Sales.

Icofunding aims to only launch the most trustworthy and high-quality ICO projects. Therefore, they review all the projects that they receive and only select those who are viable, transparent and promising.

“When we first met Skyllz, we were fascinated by how blockchain can change a business model completely and in which a tokenomics makes total sense. We are very excited about this project and are glad to be able to collaborate as partners.”—Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz — CEO of Icofunding

Icofunding helps innovative companies, like Skyllz, launch their TGE (Token Generation Event) by offering token advisory, tech development (such as the creation of smart contracts) and through giving marketing support.

The Icofunding team has developed the Coin Governance System to align interests of the token buyers with those of the ICO launchers. It is an on-chain coordination mechanism that decentralizes the most conflictive point of an ICO: the management of the raised funds.

Through this system a series of smart contracts will hold the funds raised in the ICO in escrow. Those funds will be released to the ICO launcher over a period of time. However, if the participants in the ICO lose faith in the project, they may trigger a voting mechanism which could enable ICO token holders to withdraw the funds remaining in escrow.

“We are very thrilled that Skyllz will be the first blockchain-based to implement the Coin Governance System. We absolutely believe in the Skyllz protocol,the team behind the project and their mission, we think that the Coin Governance System can make it an even more attractive project”, says Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz, cofounder and CEO of Icofunding.

At Skyllz we firmly believe in Blockchain to empower users in building a strong, reliable and portable online professional reputation. This technology, with its immutable, transparent and trustworthy nature, perfectly solves the main issues of Talent Branding.

In order to fully pursue our mission, we are partnering with Icofunding, to implement a robust solution, compliant in all aspects (technical, financial, legal)

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