Skyllz and Profede

With the rise of new professions and job positions, the recruiting process is becoming every day more complex for all parties involved. Applicants share tons of personal and professional data, about their soft and hard skills.

Employers face consistent expenses for the services provided by recruiting intermediaries and social networks. Professionals engage in time-consuming applications and data entry, most of the times, with no relevant feedback, nor direct value in return.

Recruiting intermediaries get benefit of the work done by professionals who, on the contrary, are not compensated for their data.

Profede is a Decentralized Professional Protocol whose mission is to build an ecosystem where professionals are remunerated for their data, making intermediaries obsolete.

Thanks to blockchain, data are protected and professionals have control over who can use them: they will be recompensed every time a business gets in touch with them.

At Skyllz we want to empower individuals and replace the outdated concept of resume/CV with a groundbreaking Proof-of-skill protocol, to build up a trustworthy reputation, based on skills validation, tracking and boosting.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Profede, as we share the same values about building a meritocratic ecosystem, where Talents become individuals’ main assets. Profede users will gain access to the Skyllz Distributed Platform and API, while Skyllz users will gain access to Profede platform, where they will be able to monetize their data.

This collaboration is the best way to generate value for the whole ecosystem, to create a social impact in professional communities.

This partnership will produce several significant changes in the professional scenario, like skills validation through an unbiased process, lifelong improvement and tokenization of personal abilities and data.

Join Talent Branding revolution! 🚀

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