Skynet Token Sale Update

At OpenSingularity, we envision a global network of intelligent machines utilizing blockchain, IoT, and AI to intelligently communicate and collaborate with each other autonomously on a large scale. By promoting the freedom of extensibility and design with the Skynet Core, device manufacturers and companies can mass produce their own IoT chips and devices securely optimized for blockchain networks. With the Skynet Open Network blockchain platform, Skynet powered devices and IoT groups can utilize an IoT-ready, interoperable, high transaction throughput architecture of unprecedented scale. What Skynet aims to create is a free, open, and interconnected world.

We are absolutely thrilled by the overwhelming community support for the project and the demand for its token sale. This vision we are trying to build is extensive and its creation will only work with many business partnerships and extensive research.

At this point in time, our team is still working on multiple business ventures that will enable us to scale up our deployment and deliver millions of chips in a few years time.

For this reason, we will delay offering any Skynet Tokens publicly until we progress further with the development of our ecosystem and are sure the adoption of our infrastructure is widespread. Our team does not expect that the delays will last longer than three months.

Note that moving the token distribution date from the original date of October 10th of 2018 will not hinder the development of either the hardware or network.

More updates will follow approaching the start of the public token distribution. Stay tuned for more information.