Welcome Dr. Jackson He to Skynet

Dr. Jackson He

We are happy to announce that Dr. Jackson He will be joining Skynet as an Advisor.

Dr. Jackson He is the co-founder and CEO of YingZi Technology Ltd, an IoT platform and blockchain company focusing on supply chains in agriculture.

Before his current role, Dr. He worked at Intel for 23 years and served many executive level positions, including 6 years as the General Manager of Intel Asia and Pacific R&D Ltd., General Manager of Intel China Software and Services Group (SSG), and many other senior leadership positions at Intel IT, Intel Labs, Intel Datacenter Group, and Intel AI Product Group.

Dr. He is an expert in large-scale enterprise and cloud solutions, with extensive experience working with Telco, healthcare, and internet service providers in both the US and China. He served as Intel’s representative at several standards groups (OASIS, WS-I, DMTF, etc.). He is also deeply involved in healthcare and railway verticals.

As the Intel rep, Dr. He led the definition of Regional Healthcare Information System (RHTS) and Digital Railway blueprints in China. Dr. He has been active in open source solutions for cloud and big data.

He initiated China Open Source Cloud League (COSCL) and led the Intel/Cloudera collaboration on big data solutions for customers in China. Dr. He played a key role for Intel AI strategy development before he started his new adventure with YingZi Technology Ltd. Dr. He is well published, having over 30 technical papers and a book on future computing models.

Dr. He received Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Hawaii.

With Jackson’s vast experience from spearheading the IoT and blockchain revolution as the CEO of Yingzi to establishing lasting industry standards as a long-time Executive at Intel, we are excited to receive his mentorship as we aim to make Skynet the new industry standard and infrastructure for the Internet of Things and blockchain technology.

About Skynet

Skynet is interconnecting all Internet of Things devices with the First Blockchain Chip and a horizontally scaling blockchain network. Skynet’s blockchain-on-chip technology aims to be deployed to billions of Internet of Things devices in the next several years, instantly providing both the infrastructure and adoption of the Skynet ecosystem. OpenSingularity, the parent company of Skynet, is led by a team of industry veterans and academic leaders and is backed by institutions and leading IoT companies.


The Skynet team is led by Alexander Shi, the Founder of OpenSingularity Group and a member of the RISC-V Technical committee. Alongside him is Dr. Jae Jung, the former Vice President of Samsung and Founder of NeoPace Telecom, Dr. Carl Shi, the former Vice President of Qualcomm and inventor of over 400 patents, and Professor Jun Zhang, a Professor of Computer Science at Nanjing Hohai University and the Head of Nanjing’s Social Computing Lab.


OpenSingularity is offering the Skynet Token (SKT), which swap over to Skynet (SON), Light (LGT), and Singularity (SGY). More updates will follow approaching the start of the public token distribution.

For more information about the private sale, contact info@opensingularity.net. To express interest in the pre-sale, fill out the form https://skynet.co/whitelist.

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Website: https://skynet.co
Medium: https://medium.com/skynetproject 
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