Welcome Professor Jun Zhang to the OpenSingularity

Dr. Zhang, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Professor Jun Zhang will be joining the OpenSingularity Foundation and the Skynet Project as a Director of the Board and as the China General Manager.

Professor Zhang is the Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things at the Nanjing Hohai University. There, he became the leading figure in the field of social science computing experimental research, Internet of Things, and artificial clustering where he has authored more than 20 research papers and 3 books.

He serves as the Head of the Social Computing Laboratory at Nanjing University where he became known as a prominent researcher in the unsupervised learning and clustering algorithm field. From his contributions to the space, Professor Zhang is the recipient of the esteemed Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Award.

Professor Zhang received his Ph.D. in the Nanjing University of Engineering School of Engineering Management.

With Zhang’s leading expertise in fields of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, we are honored to have him leading the vision of the OpenSingularity Foundation as we branch out our efforts on deploying our cores in China. Please give Professor Jun Zhang a warm welcome!