Welcome Srinivasa Rao Nagaram, Former Qualcomm Director of Engineering, to the OpenSingularity

Srinivasa Rao Nagaram will be joining the OpenSingularity Foundation as the Director of Engineering (System Architect, SW and Commercialization).

Rao is an accomplished Snapdragon Commercialization Target Lead and Project Engineer besides being a system architect and pre-silicon SW architect development lead.

Previously, he was the Director of Engineering at Qualcomm Inc. where he served as the Architecture SW Enablement Lead of Snapdragon’s pre-silicon. There, his work led to the inception of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, a suite of System on Chips (SoC) that captures a majority smart phones market share.

At Qualcomm, he worked as a High-Level Operating System Project Engineer lead for Android, Linux, and Multimedia Images and also managed the Kernel/Android updates for release branches of OEMs. In addition, Rao led the Sirius (Qualcomm — Siemens) Mobile Project AMSS where he drove GCF Certifications working closely with QC and Siemens teams. His veteran experience and thought leadership at Qualcomm ( SW Target lead, Project engineer ) makes him an expert in SoC design, software enablement and end-to-end product commercialization.

Before Qualcomm, Rao worked at the Defense Research and Development, Centre for Airborne Systems where he developed control algorithms, tested UUMVs, and developed the aeronautical system software. He received his degree in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering at Nagarjuna University in India.

With Rao’s deep expertise in pre-silicon design and SoC software development, we are absolutely thrilled to have him on board as we focus our efforts on developing the first blockchain core and software stack for the Skynet ecosystem. Few people can match his expertise in SoC design, software enablement and end-to-end product commercialization, and having him on the OpenSingularity Foundation will greatly impact the outreach of our resulting System on Chips.