Welcome Venkat Tangirala to the OpenSingularity

Venkat Tangirala is a top-notch engineer and a veteran leader in the semiconductor space. He will be joining the OpenSingularity Foundation as an Ecosystem Director where he will work on developing System-on-Chip and Internet of Things strategic partnerships to spearhead the commercialization of OpenSingularity’s Skynet Core: The World’s First Blockchain IoT Core.

Venkat previously held various senior roles at Qualcomm Inc. for the past 22 years, where worked on developing Qualcomm’s embedded system projects. Most recently, he served as their Senior Program Manager where he managed data sub-services in Snapdragon’s modem. There, he helped complete Qualcomm’s 5G modem pre-silicon and bring up lab activities.

Previously, he served as Qualcomm’s Senior Staff Manager where he oversaw the creation of various Biometric VSIMs, MDM families of wireless modem processors, and Over the Air softwares for BrewMP Platforms.

In his beginnings at Qualcomm, he was a Staff Engineer and Manager where he programmed Qualcomm’s modems as well as served as the target lead for Qualcomm’s W5 Phones.

Before Qualcomm, he was the Senior Unit Manager of Philips Medical Systems where he led projects for the computed tomography group.

Venkat received his M.B.A at San Diego State University and his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Akron.

With Venkat’s leadership in product management as well as his veteran experience leading teams at Qualcomm, we are excited to have him on board the OpenSingularity Foundation. With our ambitious goal to deploy billions of Skynet Cores to IoT devices worldwide in the next couple years, Venkat Tangirala will help drive adoption to both the OpenSingularity and Skynet ecosystem. Please welcome him to the community!