5 Recommended Tools & Libraries for Speeding Up Your React Native Development

Deni Putra Perdana
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3 min readAug 21, 2017


Tools and Libraries are essential for developing any application, especially react-native, in this story I will tell you about tools and libraries that will speed up your react-native development without much hassles.


Reactotron in action

Debugging on react-native is (very) slow, and may burden your machine heavily, this is where reactotron shine so bright. It doesn’t need debug mode to be enabled to use this, but you could log everything you want, and it comes with plugins that makes debugging even more easier. Even better, you could debugging on your devices remotely without slowing down your machine.


Example of a Reduxsauce file, with seamless-immutable

Creating Reducers and Actions on Redux sometimes made complicated because of too large switch statements for a single reducer, reduxsauce is here to save the day. It comes with too many magic and simplicity for your redux needs! even it comes with resettable reducer option. Reduxsauce just need one file to handle Actions for a Reducer and the Reducer itself, with minimum lines of code that also readable.

Visual Studio Code with React Native Tools

React Native Tools on Visual Studio Code

First time developing react-native (and react of course) I used Atom plus Nuclide for my daily IDE (Not really IDE though). Time by time Atom and Nuclide together made my machine running slowly and eating more RAM and more, yes i know it made on top of Electron, but it’s neat, and then one of my coworkers introduce me to Visual Studio Code (shortly, vscode), luckily the devs created it with React Native Tools extension. There’s too many happiness when using vscode, few examples of happiness is including Hyperclick that just works without any configurations, built-in terminal, customizable keymap (yes i still used Atom Keymap till now), react-native shortcut and debugging with the React-Native tools and the most interesting part is it won’t eat your RAM and slow down your machine even when it is built on top of electron!


Homepage of Expo (previously exponent)

If you are developing an apps for fast prototyping or creating an universal app without needs of any native code, you could use this for accelerating your react-native development, even you could share your apps on android via URL just like TestFlight on IOS devices. You could eject the project if you wanna work with native codes!


Ignite default starting screen

The last but not least, this is the tools that will:

  • Generate boilerplate that fast-charge your react-native development.
  • Generate Redux files, Components, Styles, Tests.
  • Provides some battle-tested examples.

The good thing is ignite bundles with reduxsauce and reactotron by default, so you won’t need to configure those libraries. Try it, and you will love it! We should thank the good guys at infinite.red for creating and testing those libraries and generator.