One down, two more to go!

Yes, we get to travel when we host a conference. It’s amazing. We saw two continents last year. The iconic bridges. Hilly roads. Awesome weather, the kind where your hair looks awesome because of normal levels of humidity.

It’s all great till you realize the opening ceremony is in the next morning. After months of tedious planning, it’s insane how three days can be a game changer. Welcome to the lives of the conference chickas at WSO2. We sometimes call ourselves the curly giggle bugs (no one knows this yet). If you ever get to meet us, you will know why.

At the WSO2Con EU 2015 photobooth

Open source middleware is a fantastic concept to those who know about it. To those who don’t, our stuff comes for free. But our support is even better so that’s when we make it exclusive (ka-ching). And at WSO2Con, we bring together people that further reaffirms this.

We just wrapped WSO2Con Asia in February which was a blast. We often start with a bang (literally, usually a bunch of drummers), opening keynote by CEO, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarna (more keynotes after) and then the breakout sessions. We LOVE partying, anyone who comes into our offices on a normal day knows this because of the emphasis on the recreational activities we engage in. So the afterparties and the network receptions, are mandatory.

Friends at Readme who covered the event had all these good things to say about us. So did DailyFT, Techadvisor and our folks from WSO2 including the Product management team.

So what’s next?

Yep, from the 7–9th June. Place is Park Plaza Riverbank, London. And if you’re interested, go ahead and register. We’re giving 50% off but that’s only a tiny part of all the perks.Within the next few posts, you’ll get a glimpse of all things event planning related, the times I want to pull my teeth out but will end up dancing the night away at the after-party. Questions? Hit me back!

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