To CRO or Not to CRO….

As we get used to CRO and a testing cadence, we start testing every little change we do on our website. Sometimes we fear that we might see a drop in the conversion rates if we make any changes. If we move along like this, we eventually come across the following questions.

  1. We need to update the content of a page. Should we test that?
  2. Updating that page is a must, what do we do if the conversion rate drops?
  3. We don’t have time to test. What should we do?

As I mentioned in my other post, CRO is not just about AB testing. Answering these questions itself is part of CRO. I have come across these questions very regularly and they are valid. But what is the way forward? Here’s a potential approach to mitigate and answer some of these questions.

Whenever it comes to the optimization stage (refer CRO framework) we should follow the CRO test procedure. Our main goal of the test is increasing the conversion rate. However we will be looking at all the other factors that are mentioned in the Google analytics phase (ie: page performance)

CRO Guidelines & wireframes

We should always have a set of guidelines based on the learnings we get. For example, maybe all the call to actions should be placed on the left side, could be one of our guidelines after thorough testing. But the key is to take some from past learnings (guidelines) but have an iterative architecture for tests so that we constantly learn and update these guidelines. This could be helpful to other business users such as the website design team who could follow these guidelines as they create any pages.

Also try to create standard wireframes for each of the page types (ie: product pages, content pages, contact us page, etc.). This is going to be based on the expertise of the design team and again the learning we get from the tests. For example, when creating a product page, all the elements should fall according to this wireframe. (ie: download button should be on right side top layer, video should be on top layer). And if any of these elements are changing, we need to test.