App Directory Spotlight — Tomatobot, Intro and RSS Fox

Slack API
Slack API
Apr 15, 2016 · 3 min read

If you do work, meet people or read articles online then we have something for you this Friday! Oh, you do all of those things? That’s funny, because we do too, and we really like all of these apps. Enjoy!

This week’s featured apps

Tomatobot is simply a pomodoro timer for your Slack team. For those of us who have a hard time staying focused and tend to drift into the #random channel this bot is your new key to productivity. With a simple set of slash commands you start the pomodoro timer, can take note of any distractions that arise and then log all of your accomplishments and review them whenever you want. Click here for more info on Tomatobot and to install.

I used this app while I wrote this blog post and then logged it /completed. Neat!

Intro is a private network for Slack teams. With Intro you can find profiles of your teammates, add their social connections into a private group network, and search for secondary connections by company name, location, skills, and more. For those of us who do sourcing and selling, this is a great way to find the right people through your team’s network.

The /intro slash command results

We suggest trying this app out, you’ll find really rich resume histories and network connections that you never expected. The /intro command lets you search by Slack username, regular name, or company name. When you find a person or company, Intro shows who in your team is connected to them. Just added to a big Slack team where you don’t know everyone? Then you can even use /intro to introduce yourself to the group. Try out Intro here.

RSS Fox is for all RSS lovers. It’s also probably nice to install if you find foxes adorable. Instead of having to peruse the web or visit a blog everyday, with RSS Fox all of your content can be served into the DM or channel of your liking. It also includes photos and dialog from foxes, which is a nifty bonus. If you want to install more feeds you can use the RSS Fox slash command, /rss admin. This app has a nice, intuitive user experience, if you’re just starting on Slack Apps or need an RSS solution, then try this one out!

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