App Directory Spotlight — Zoho Expense, DiggBot and Awesome

Slack API
Slack API
Apr 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Happy Friday! Here are some great apps to make you more productive, informed and effective at work.

Zoho Expense makes getting your expenses paid super fast and seamless. With the Zoho Expense app your finance team will get regular updates on expense report approvals or rejections right within Slack, so that they don’t have to leave their conversations to review and pay out expenses. Zoho Expense sends a notification into Slack as soon as an expense report is approved or rejected by a manager and lets finance team members respond quickly to reports as they come in. You can find the Zoho Expense app here.

DiggBot gets you all of the latest news, whenever you want it. Our friends at Digg built Diggbot because while messaging is becoming a super popular medium, they didn’t see any an easy way to discover great content through messaging. We are happy they chose to bring great content to Slack and you can read their Diggbot launch article here. Diggbot is useful and simple — type /digg and then enter a keyword, domain or ask for trending news and Diggbot will respond with the kind of news that you’re looking for. Very handy, especially useful if you don’t want to have to leave Slack in order to catch up on anything in the news. You can install Diggbot here.

Awesome keeps track of what’s important and bundles it up into dynamic highlight reels for your team. Whenever you make a decision, start work on a project, or want to summarize meeting takeaways, you can let Awesome know and it will handle the overhead of making it available to your team, either on-demand or in weekly recaps. Less work for you means more time to be Awesome — hence the name. Awesome offers four commands, /worklog, /sidebar, /recap and highlights to help you and your team work well together. Check out their video below and if you’d like to try awesome with your team, install it here.

Have a great weekend!

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