Build together with App Collaborators

Manage your apps with the people you work with every day

Building an app for Slack with a team or a group of friends? Now you can add them as App Collaborators and they’ll be able to help you build, manage, and update your app, whether it’s internal to your team or one listed in the App Directory.

You can add any existing member of your Slack team as a Collaborator, including members and Guest Accounts. Collaborators have full access to your app, so we recommend adding teammates you work closely with and trust.

Add or remove App Collaborators any time from the API Site

To add a Collaborator, select your app from the “Your Apps” page on the API site, then click Collaborators on the left pane of the app configuration page.

Once a Collaborator is added, they’ll receive a notification from Slackbot letting them know they now have access to your app. You can remove a Collaborator at any time by hovering over their name on the Collaborators list and clicking “Remove”.

You’ll receive a Slackbot message whenever you are added or removed as a Collaborator

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