Salesforce acquires Slack

An exciting opportunity for the Slack Platform

Steve Wood
Jul 21 · 3 min read
Steve Wood is VP of product for the developer platform at Slack.

Today’s the day! Slack is part of Salesforce. What does this mean? We’re still the Slack you know and love — now connected to the most open and interoperable ecosystem of enterprise apps and workflows. Read on to learn more.

A transformed world of work

Salesforce enables any company to sell, service, market, conduct commerce, and more from anywhere. And with Slack, your entire organization is far more connected, engaged, and productive. Together, we’re shaping the future of enterprise software, creating the business operating system to lead this historic shift to a digital-first world.

We also create the most extensive open ecosystem of apps and workflows for business, including more than 8,000 apps available from partners. With this increased scale, we see even greater opportunity for millions of developers looking to build the next generation of apps — with clicks, or with code.

A more powerful platform

Slack connects conversations, apps, data, and workflows in ways that make work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. We’ve seen companies like IBM use both Salesforce and Slack platforms to build robust and powerful integrations between their software and systems.

Our vision for our platform is to enable every Slack customer to be an event-driven enterprise — with Slack serving as the engagement layer for all system and human events, integrations and automations, code and no-code solutions that keep your people and tools tightly aligned. The goal is to make it easier than ever for anyone to build solutions that ignite transformation within a company — ensuring that in this digital-first world, work moves forward and everyone is empowered.

This is happening already — today our developer ecosystem builds incredible event-driven apps on Slack, from onboarding employees faster, to managing incidents in record time.

And accelerated by today’s announcement with Salesforce, this vision will soon take a major step forward as we work to deliver groundbreaking changes to the platform.

A note of appreciation

We’re always investing in our platform and in you — from our recent re-launch of, to our largest-ever re-architecting of the platform. You’ll be hearing more about both of these exciting announcements this October at Slack Frontiers. And more to come here on the Slack Platform blog.

And I personally want to thank you each and every one of you — for what you’ve built, automated, coded, and created to-date. Thank you for bringing your very best to us, as we’ve introduced new features, deprecations, betas, and countless developer success stories. We’re excited to amplify your work and showcase your creations on a bigger, better world stage. On behalf of our whole Slack platform team, thank you for taking this journey with us.

As always, we are here for you! Tweet us @SlackAPI with questions or feedback, and keep tabs on the latest by joining the Slack Community conversation.

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