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Art by Pete Ryan

You might have read about how VictorOps uses interactive messages to bring workflows into Slack, or how Heroku thought through building an app that brings the deployment process in Slack’s conversational interface.

We know there are hundreds of untold stories like these out there, so if you’ve got one, we’d love to share it on our blog. We’re game for anything unique and valuable, but these are the types of posts we’re especially interested in publishing.

Internal integrations

Have you built a Slack integration just for your team or company? Tell us about the problems your internal integration solved for, how it changed the way your company does work, or how you navigated requirements for larger companies — like security or compliance.

Deep dives and tutorials

Some of you have mastered the art of building on Slack, while others are just getting started.

If you’re a seasoned Slack developer with tips, tricks, or technical expertise to share, please enlighten us. Did you create a tool that others can use or build upon? Are you using Slack in unique ways to make work happen? Or did you work with newer releases like dialogs or shared channels when building your Slack app?


Here are a few quick pointers to help get you started:

  • Know your audience: Since our readers are Slack app developers, we publish stories that resonate with a more technical audience.
  • Be original: We’re looking for new and original content that provides value and insight to our readers. Avoid generic, vague, or promotional content.
  • Stay clear and concise: Tell us what you’ve created, what it enables your team to accomplish, and three things you’d like people to learn.

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