Slack App Directory Spotlight #2

Hope you’re enjoying a productive and pleasant week! We have new featured apps fresh off the development cycle for your enjoyment. This bi-week’s featuring has something for everyone.

The team at Skype built a super handy slash command. This Slack app has seen quite a lot of attention already, as Skype boasts a massive user base and Skype plus Slack is a natural fit. The integration is dead-simple to use, simply add Skype to your Slack team and then type /skype in any channel to spin up a group call. You can probably use this for your next team meeting. You can find an overview and the `add to Slack` button on Skype’s site.

We are big fans of Zeplin here at Slack and use it for many of our design projects. Zeplin is like a translation service for designers and engineers: it automatically generates the styleguides and resources your development team needs to build the designs your team crafts. The Zeplin app sends updates into a channel of your choosing in Slack, similar to the Trello app, and is a great way to track your team’s progress.You can find full information about the app on Zelpin’s site or in our app directory.

If you’re the type of person that scans metrics, analyzes analytics, and relies on content marketing then you should check out Chartbeat. Chartbeat keeps a constant pulse on where your audience is and what they’re doing within your sites. Even cooler, the Chartbeat app is multi-level. You can type /chartbeat to call on a variety of data points about a site or social profile and you can also connect Chartbeat to a channel and customize the info that the Chartbeat app shares. Here are all details of how the Charbeat app works and how to set it up.