Slack Developer Kits + Tutorials

We’ve got some new tools for you!

When you’re beginning with an API, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. To help you move from an idea to a published app, we’re releasing three improved SDKs and a tutorials section on

These SDKs, or Slack Developer Kits as we’re calling them, were built to help you use our API in your preferred language and now include SDK-specific documentation:

These SDKs are open-sourced on GitHub and we welcome your feedback and contributions. In addition, there are a number of rich third party SDKs, like Slapp and Howdy, that we recommend you check out as well.

In the new tutorials section of our developer portal you’ll discover guides to building with Slack. Content in this section is cross-referenced by subject and linked throughout our documentation to help you go deeper on the how of a topic whenever you need to. As with our SDKs, we want to give you the opportunity to share your work in this new content library. If you have a bot-building guide or story that you think would be a good addition, send it to us at

An example of related articles (tutorials and case studies) for Slash Commands

If you have feedback on our new developer kits and tutorials, or anything else related to building an app with Slack, send our team a note on twitter @slackapi or over email at