Tell us about the useful, weird, or wonderful integrations you’ve built for Slack

We’d like to share your internal integrations story

Have you built a Slack integration just for your company?

We want to hear how you’ve customized Slack with an internal integration for your unique team, whether it’s with a just-for-fun bot or a mission-critical app that has saved the day for your business.

You may have built an integration that gives your #Devops Slack channel peace of mind with real-time alerts, or enables your marketing team to query key metrics from your internal data warehouse right from their conversations in Slack.

Or maybe, like the Los Angeles Times, you may keep your team well-caffeinated with an integration that sends a Slack notification when a fresh pot of coffee is ready.

Whatever you’ve built, we want to work with you to publish it on this blog and beyond.

How to share your story

If you have an internal integration story to tell, get in touch by emailing with the subject line “Internal integration.”

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Our readers tend to be software developers, so we aim to publish stories that will resonate with a more technical audience. How have you used Slack’s APIs to architect your integrations in compelling ways?
  • We try our best to publish new and original content. We try not to publish stories that read like press releases.
  • Please tell us what you’ve created, what it enables your team to do, and three takeaways you’d like people to learn. How has your integration changed the way your company does work?

We can’t wait to hear about what you’ve built!

Not sure what to build? The Slack Platform Ideaboard is our public list of app ideas inspired by conversations we have with our customers.