The Slack platform roadmap, updated

Shipped, in progress, and next up for the Slack platform

Art by Pete Ryan

Today, we’re sharing the latest updates to our platform product roadmap. Whether you’ve just been acquainted with it or you’ve had it bookmarked since the beginning, the roadmap will provide you a snapshot of what’s to come for the Slack platform.

We’re likely to make mistakes, of course. Plans will be added, delayed, and changed, so you shouldn’t take specific cards as final. The roadmap is, however, your place to follow along with everything from recent launches and in-the-works projects to more ambitious long-term goals.

Here are some updates we think deserve some extra attention:

  • Direct install (launched): The Direct install flow enables people to install apps directly from the App Directory without being redirected to the app’s external site. Apps that enable this feature have seen installations increase by as much as 25%.
  • Dialogs (launched): With dialogs, you can help people complete more complex tasks using your app, without having to send multiple messages in a Slack channel or relying on a bot. Dialogs allow you to capture multiple pieces of information — all within one form — and send them directly to your app.
  • Workflows Phase 1 (in the works): This new feature, product name to be revealed, will allow people to send Slack messages directly to your app.

If you want to receive more regular updates from us, you can install the Slack Platform News App to get news and updates directly in Slack, or you can visit our platform changelog for a more granular view of product releases.

Got feedback on our roadmap? We’re all ears: @SlackAPI.