5 ways to make a unstoppable business

a lot of people ask me at the conferences, what makes a unstoppable business? how do i keep businessing late into the night when my gums hurt and i’ve had enough business for the day??

as a leading thought leader, i have 5 secrets about business that will blow the lid off the whole damn thing

1. people

first off, what is a business? it’s people. think about it. it’s you and me, rubbing our hands together over data-sheets, igniting the sparks of a global econo-fire. that’s the blod and guts of the system okay?

that’s why diversity is so important, and why i constantly surround myself with all different kinds of men, tall men, fat men, men w/ confusing hats, etc. you want as many men in the boardroom as possible, so not a single man excluded

2. just graph it!

one mistake i notice many young founders make, is that they don’t measure things. this is why they always fail. measure everything. all aspects of my life are measured. even how much i’m measuring things. i know exactly how many things i have, and how many things i don’t have, at all times, forever. do you?

3. ideas, but more of them

you cant have a business without an idea. that’s why ideas are so rare, right?

WRONG. trick question. ideas are all around us. right now, you are inhaling 1,000,000s of potential ideas. ideas are just “electric words” and you need to monetize all of them, starting yesterday

4. take a breather somtimes, alright?


5. forget the handshake

handshakes are relics of the past (more on___t_this in a future post_s). so stop shaking hands already! you’re wasting time wagging another person’s fleshmeat when you could be businessing!

instead of shaking hands, look new clients directly in the eye and whisper, “i am now inside you”

5.5 push the limits to the max (…and beyond)

boundaries are artificial barriers that keep you from excelling. an empire can’t expand beyond the castle walls its build for its elf. that’s why i always “push the limits” to the MAX. example: you thought there were only going to be 5 secrets on this list, but count how many now.

you can’t get ahead unless you’re willing to go further, leave the limits behind in the star dust of the stratosphere ,,,,, b/c you deserve it


~Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever~ — gandhi

(this article originally appeared on linkedin)