7 Rejected Hallmark Rom-Coms For Easter

Let’s make easter sexy.

Nat Hrvatin
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3 min readApr 4, 2021


Illustration by Emily Clouse

1. Easter Egg Inn

Interior designer Sadie Southampton has never met a room that she couldn’t redecorate! But when her hometown’s century-old bed and breakfast needs to be completely restored in one week for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Sadie will need help from an old friend. Peter Hawtguy spent his childhood concealing a burning passion for Sadie — this April, will eggs be the only thing that Sadie finds in her basket?

2. Find me Some Bunny to Love

A vague New England town is in need of some Easter cheer after half the population was laid off from the local charcuterie factory. Full-time cardigan model and part-time veterinarian Lauren Beige suggests they hold an Easter bunny contest. Her plan is to hop along until animal-rights activist Simon SoCute protests the event. Can Lauren trap Simon’s heart like she trapped a dozen feral rabbits?

3. Eggs-a-Plenty

Fertilization specialist Nina Bonita, MD., has a knack for placing eggs in all sorts of baskets. When her parents remind her that her own eggs are in danger of becoming rotten, she must search for the right donor. But is she willing to settle for the son of her parents’ best friends? Sure, he has abs that rival Superman’s, but is he the one?

4. Dye-ing to Be With You

Watch as Candace Cameron Bure revisits all of the local Easter egg decoration contests to find the mysterious guy who winked at her five years ago. Little does she know he’s actually the heir to the Paas empire. As the child of owners of a small egg decoration business, will she be able to look past this conflict, or will she just dip out?

5. Jelly Bean Baker

Stacy Manhattan doesn’t have time for a man. But her busy city life comes to a halt when her great aunt dies, leaving behind a cottage and a local jelly bean competition for Stacy to inherit. While judging the competition, Stacy meets local baker Henry Titebuns, a single father who’s dedicated his life to perfecting his dead wife’s jelly bean recipe. Can she guess how many jelly beans are in his love jar?

6. The Hunky Ghost of



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