9 Habits Of People Who Aren’t More Successful Than Me But Who My Mother Keeps Bringing Up For Some Reason

No one cares about Jodi’s son Kyle, Mom.

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3 min readFeb 18, 2020


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1. Jodi’s son Kyle also wants to be a writer and he writes every day!

Mom, you need to shut up about Jodi’s son Kyle. He’s in high school. Of course he can write every day. What else does he have to do — masturbate and smoke pot? Kyle may scratch out an emo poem in algebra every morning, but has he had TWO hot takes published on feminist “news” outlet ladyjizz.com? Didn’t think so, Kyle!

AND I still have time to masturbate and smoke pot!

2. Yvonne from church got her job by going in and asking for one!

Well, the last time I did that, Conan O’Brien laughed at me, so Yvonne From Church doesn’t know anything about how a REAL job works.

Also, maybe Yvonne From Church should focus less on the “rat race” of full-time receptionist work at a Toledo medical office and more on pursuing her bliss like I am! Making fake American Airlines memes for @AmericanAirFake gives me something more important than money: fulfillment. (And I’m only one hundred followers away from having two hundred followers.)

3. Your cousin Maggie is pregnant with her second child!

Mom, I know you don’t want to face this, but your side of the family is SO trashy. I mean, who has two kids when they’re only 35?! Maggie must be a pretty shitty doctor if she can’t even figure out a condom.

4. Lisa Kudrow said on a talk show that improv classes really helped her creatively!

Sure, Mom. Maybe in the ‘90s.

5. That interesting bird is back at the birdfeeder!

Okay, that’s it. I am WAY more interesting than that bird! Did you know I change my Chipotle order almost every time I go in? Chicken or steak? Tacos or burrito bowl? Hot sauce or pico de gallo and hot sauce? You just never know with me! That’s interesting.



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