A List of The Legit Worst Places in New York City

Walking by Caliente Cab company this weekend my friend and I naturally grimaced with disgust. We then fell into one of the most fun games I’ve ever played in my life: come up with the worst places ever in New York City. Don’t get me wrong, I love this city to death, but there are a few comically intolerable locations and I needed to share them with the world.

It’s funny that creating this list made us love NYC that much more.

Enjoy, discuss and please feel free to add more in the comments… God knows we missed a few.

1. Caliente Cab Company

2. Rice to Riches

Basically the Disneyland of Soho.

3. Turtle Bay

This is the first image that popped up on Google search, no joke.

4. New York Sports Club in general

5. 14th and 1st

That exact corner of mayhem.

6. The public restrooms at Christopher St. Pier

not pictured

7. Grand Street Station Stop

Smelly AF

8. Penn Station


9. All of Murray Hill

Duh, again.

10. Hotel Chantelle Bathroom

Bitches, stop crying.


11. Fast fashion retailers in soho


12. The Jamaica Stop

13. Murray’s bagels

Overrated. Controversial, we know.

14. Mr. Purple

The idea of it.

15. Sushi Samba

Just LOOK at the picture below…

16. A popular vendor line at Schmorgasburg

Is the Ramen burger worth it?

17. Meatball Shop (as of the last year or so)

The quality man…

18. The Construction on Houston and Bowery

It’s literally been 5 years

19. Broadway between 24th and 28th


20. Dos Caminos (all locations)

21. Macdougal Street

22. Any and all Gristedes

23. The Butchers Daughter

Looks can be deceiving… but, yes, the juice is good.

24. The Croc Store

25. The Chobani Store

Was this necessary?

Thanks for listening,

@mh0ffman and @peganmeters