A Rhyme To Help Remember The Former Presidents of The Smiling Hill Farm Company, Family-Owned Since 1720

Recite this rhyme next time you forget the former presidents of The Smiling Hill Farm Company!

Robert Criss
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1 min readMar 29, 2022


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If you can’t remember the former presidents of the Smiling Hill Farm Company — family-owned since 1720 and located in Westbrook, Maine — and you really ought to know,

Then gather yourself up and learn the simple rhyme below:

First there was George Knight,

Next there was Nathan Knight,

After that was Nathaniel Knight,

And then there was George Knight II,

Followed by George Knight III,

Then there was Lewis Knight,

Succeeding him was Benjamin Knight,

Later there was Pierce C. Knight,

Afterward was Roger D. Knight,

And lastly there’s Warren R. Knight!

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