Accurate Conference Room Names

If conference room names got really real.

Ah, the conference room. A staple of the modern workplace! And also a forum for respectful dialogue, unbridled creativity, constructive criticism, and working together to accomplish great things everyone can be proud of.



Okay, well, maybe not always. In fact, it seems like conference room names, as quirky as they often are, could use a little bit of honesty.

So I’ve teamed up with Sarah Cooper, the hilarious mind behind the office-satire-packed The Cooper Review, to bring you just a few suggestions for more accurate conference room names.

Feel free to reserve any of these for your next meeting!

Shout Out

Special thanks to Sarah Cooper for teaming up on this post. Make sure to get her new book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, which comes out October 4th. Pre-order it here!

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