Advice from Daily Train Commuters around the Holidays

I polled some daily New York City commuters about what they’d tell the uninitiated about how to enjoy their train trips this holiday season. These were their responses.

· “Find a seat — preferably a six-seater — and treat it like your living room, spreading out as much possible. The seats opposite you are not technically ottomans, but they should be treated as such. Take your shoes off and put your feet up on a seat or two.”

· “Plug your iPhone into the nearest outlet and drape its cord across as many laps as possible till it reaches your own lap.”

· “Call everyone you know and talk with an outside voice.”

· “Leave your headphones at home. If you want to listen to Mastodon or catch up on episodes of ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ we want to share your experience.”

· “If you’re a college student, stack your four months’ worth of unwashed laundry in the aisle. Don’t worry about bagging it.”

· “Bring a meal that the entire car can smell. Does it reek of curry? All the better.”

· “Bring your nail clippers. Nail-clipping is the sound of the season.”

· “If a conductor asks for your ticket, tell them your iPhone is dead and you can’t access the ticket app. Then ask the rest of the car to take up a collection to cover your fare.”