Annotations to Sam Cooke’s “Having a Party” That I’m Using to Announce My Totally Chill, No Fuss Wedding

Ali Kelley
Jul 7, 2017 · 3 min read

We’re havin’ a party

And you’re invited! This “wedding” (I know, eyeroll), is just going to be an intimate gathering of our favorite secular friends and family born after the year 1982 who live in coastal cities.

The Coke’s out in the icebox
Popcorn’s on the table

It’s so 2014 to serve a couple’s cocktail, right? We’ve decided to skip the whole cocktail hour charade and cut to what really gets people dancing, designer drugs. Dinner will be a flight of stillborn popcorn kernels to remind everyone of the fragility of marriage and to bring some much needed seriousness to a night of indulgent levity

Me and my baby
We’re out here on the floor

Dan and I will be sitting at a table nailed to the center of the dance floor the entire reception because this is our day and we are the stars in the center of this decommissioned airplane hangar.

Everybody’s swingin’

We believe in the sanctity of marriage (obvi, we’re getting hitched!), but we also find carnival rides, infidelity and puns intoxicating! Throughout the night, we encourage you to sneak away with someone else’s partner and go for a ride in the gigantic carnival swings we 100% do not regret renting.

If you take requests I’ve
Got a few for you

Have a song you want our DJ to play? Write it on the back of this invite in the space we created solely to make you think any part of this is yours. It’s not.

Don’t forget the mashed potatoes
No other songs will do

Are you ready for the most inclusive wedding you’ve ever been to?! We’ll exclusively be playing Dee Sharp’s classic 1962 hit, “Mashed Potato Time,” on loop so that no one has to feel bad about being a “bad” dancer. Everyone looks cool when they’re mashing! Note: Dan and I will not be dancing. We find ritualistic group gyrations repulsive.

’Cause I’m a-havin’ such a good time
Dancin’ with my baby

Again: Dan and I will not be dancing. We request you not attempt to lure us from our safe table.

Dancin’ to the music, yeah

Look, we’re sure everyone is going to look amazing dancing to the music, but for us, personally, it doesn’t feel authentic. I don’t know how else I can say, “it doesn’t poll well with our followers.”

On the radio

We are going to close out the night with an old-timey faux radio dedication from the newlyweds to all our guests. You’ll have to stick around until the bitter end to hear our special message to you! Bring your tissues because this is a manufactured moment of unearned sentiment you will not want to miss.

Ali Kelley is a writer living in Brooklyn. She knows all the words to Sugar Ray’s “Someday.” Read more on her blog Sleepoverz or follow her on Twitter.


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Medium humor. Large laughs.

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