Brief Descriptions of This Writer’s Last Six Moleskine Notebooks

Christian Harrington
Jul 21 · 2 min read
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Medium Classic Notebook —Black

First page: “This is the time I truly commit to writing!”

Second-Fourth page: Doodles of bare-knuckle boxing matches between mythical creatures (e.g. Chimera vs. Merman).

Fifth page: Flash fiction piece titled “A Raccoon with Two Families and One Secret”

The rest of the notebook is blank.

Medium Classic Notebook — Scarlet Red

“In case of loss” address: “Boston Harbor — smallest yacht”

The reward for returning lost property: “Doug”

First page: “MY NOVEL” is underlined twice at the top of the page. A bullet point stands alone on the first line.

The rest of the notebook is blank.

Large Classic Notebook — Dandelion Yellow

First four pages: A word-for-word transcription of The Sun Also Rises. Ends mid-sentence.

Fifth page: “I know when a British actor is doing an American accent. Nice try, Bruce Willis.”

Last page: color sketch of an anthropomorphic raccoon in a smoking jacket.

The rest of the notebook is blank.

Pocket Classic Notebook — Reef Blue

First page: “Okay, novel time!”

Second page: “Reminder: never befriend an old person with a young parrot.”

Third page: “steak, cake, tortilla chips, seltzer.”

Fourth page: “I lost to my three-year-old son in Chess. Not on purpose. Nobody can know.”

The rest of the notebook is blank.

Large Classic Notebook — Black

First page: “Potential Novel Genres: drama, romance, action. Choose one or more by Friday.”

Second page: “Action Comedy it is! I’m thinking The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets P.G. Wodehouse.”

All following pages: Charcoal drawings of a well-attended baseball game between raccoons and skunks.

This notebook is full.

Cahier Journal — Brisk Blue

First page: “I hereby promise that this journal will exclusively be used to work on my long-awaited novel.” There is a signature below.

Random middle page: “I know this isn’t technically related to the novel, but I can’t find the others and I have to jot this question down. Did everyone know that a groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing?”

Random middle page: “Congress’s Netflix viewing history should be public.”

Random middle page: “Research what kind of pen Fitzgerald used.”

Last page: “Consider finding an agent before deciding on characters and plot.”


Medium humor. Large laughs.

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Medium humor. Large laughs.

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