Commentary By My Uncle Steve While I Watch The Historic All-Female Spacewalk Live-stream

Image credit: NASA. (Fair Use.)

“Women? Huh, how about that.“

Houston, we have a problem, we can’t park the shuttle. HA!”

“Probably a publicity stunt.”

“It’s kinda like when they put that Ruth girl on the Supreme Court.”

“But hey, at least NASA is saving some money.”

“And if we sent all women up there, we could finally get some peace and quiet. Am I right or am I right?”

“I wonder how long it took them to get ready for that spacewalk. If they are anything like your aunt Carol, they were at least 45 minutes late.”

“If one of them got pregnant up there, would the baby be an alien?”

“I wonder if she’ll go ‘That’s one small step for a womankind…’ Hell, she can probably only do small steps wearing those high heels inside her spacesuit!”

“Why aren’t they smiling more?”

“What do you call women in space? Vacuum cleaners!”

“Honestly, I don’t know why you women always make such a big deal out of everything your gender does.”

“You know, I once dated a female astronaut. After six months she broke up with me. She wanted some space!”


Medium humor. Large laughs.

Christina Anaya Mortensen

Written by

Loves writing about anything dark and disturbing that threatens the well-being of mankind — like Frozen 2 for instance. @laughterofbones



Medium humor. Large laughs.

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