Ever Since I Was A Little Girl I Dreamed Of Being A Junior Administrative Strategic Operations Assistant

I cannot emphasize enough how excited I would be to take on this role.


Christina Morillo

To the hiring team,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply to be a Junior Administrative Assistant in the Strategic Operations department at your prestigious consulting firm. In looking at your recent work, I’ve been so inspired by your commitment to having clients and meeting with those clients, as well as meeting with each other about how the meetings with those clients went. As someone who truly believes in your mission statement, “Operate with Passion,” I cannot emphasize enough how excited I would be to take on this role. I think I can speak for all women when I say it’s every little girl’s dream to even be considered.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about all different kinds of operations. Even in college, a lot of my course material centered on the operations of different things, and I’ve even tried my own hand at operating myself (with supervision). This may be outside-of-the-box, but I believe that in an ideal company, it should be impossible to tell where the operation stops and where the operator begins.

The steady, dynamic, independent, co-operative, small, large nature of this company will play well to my strengths of research, communication, overall good-naturedness, and high worth. I am a team player, a quick thinker, and I thrive as both a leader and a follower, but more importantly as a junior assistant, especially if I’m assisting someone in administrative strategic operations. Especially then.

While the undergraduate institution which I currently attend does not offer a program of study in Junior Administrative Strategic Operations, I specifically chose my double major in Psychology and Studio Art to provide as much training in Junior Administrative Strategic Operations as is available to me at my school.

Your company would provide me with the unique opportunity to combine my two main passions: Junior Administration and Strategic Operations. I think my past experience in Strategic Administration that I put on my resume will speak for itself, but I would like to emphasize that I was awarded “Administrator of the Month” on two separate occasions when I interned briefly at a very prestigious operations firm in Secaucus, where I used strategy to figure out which operations would be best. I don’t have a reference number because they have a strict no-phone policy.

I am particularly excited by your company’s focus on diversity and equity (posted June 2020), because I specifically want to use my skills to help communities that have historically not received the Junior Administrative Strategic Operations help that they need. I was also inspired by your website. The people in the photos are smiling, productive, and in one picture, there is even a woman, which is so empowering. I even love how all of them wear suits, and look excited to be sitting at that one table. You can tell someone in the picture just told a pretty funny joke, and I know I’d thrive in a workplace environment where it’s okay to laugh every once in a while: an “operate hard, play hard” mentality.

I see this job as the perfect next step on my path to a career in Senior Administrative Strategic Operations (or perhaps a mix of Senior Administrative Strategic Operations and Senior Administrative Strategic Oversight — I don’t have everything figured out yet). I am humbled by the opportunity to apply to your company, and overcome with excitement at the possibility of what I’m sure would be a thrilling, regenerative, energetic, eclectic, focused, unforgettable summer.


Abby Gabsler

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