Five people who probably smell amazing.

Here are some people who I am fairly certain smell amazing:

Idris Elba

Film actor Idris Elba smells amazing and you know it. If he walked by you, he’d leave behind a pleasant wake of aromatic bliss.

The Takeaway: I would not mind getting stuck in an elevator with Idris Elba.

Charlize Theron

United Nations Messenger of Peace (and actor in her spare time), Charlize Theron probably smells fantastic. Like, she probably makes roses smell like decomposing flesh. After all, she is the face (and smell) of the J’Adore fragrance, so OF COURSE she probably smells good.

The Takeaway: Charlize Theron is another person who we can assume probably smells amazing.

Matt Lauer

It is my belief that Today Show host Matt Lauer gives off a good scent. He has had many co-hosts by his side throughout the years, and clearly they wouldn’t spend all that time next to someone who didn’t smell amazing. Therefore, by the associative property, Matt Lauer probably smells awesome.

The Takeaway: Just by looking at him, you can tell Matt Lauer probably smells amazing.

Ivanka Trump

Listen, this isn’t meant to be a political post. I’m just objectively stating the facts. And the facts are, Ivanka Trump probably smells amazing. Will I be supporting her father for president? No. But I’m not going to sit here and let politics get in the way of the fact that she probably smells awesome.

The Takeaway: Ivanka Trump probably smells, like, really good.


The Takeaway: I mean, obviously.

Who else probably smells amazing?

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