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Welcome To The PeaceWithin Darkness Retreat



2 min readJun 13, 2023


Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

PeaceWithin Darkness Retreats is a wellness experience for individuals who are stressed out, burnt out, and overstimulated. It is the #1 darkness retreat in the world.

This unique retreat allows the individual to completely unplug, not just from electronics and social media, but from the world of all visible perceptions.

We first learned of this unique retreat in David Guzman’s recent expose, Common Thoughts You’ll Encounter During Your Darkness Retreat

Now, in today’s extraordinary You But Better episode, Seph and Lex are actually GOING on PeaceWithin’s 7-day darkness retreat! Freak yeah!

You will hear the before and after: First, a preparation interview with Welmer Enquiry, the founder and CEO of PeaceWithin Darkness Retreats, the

Next, the aftermath: Hear Seph and Lex’s live reactions the moment they emerge from spending 7 days in pitch darkness. Will they be purified? Or will they go totally nuts? A little of both? Tune in and find out.

To date, Welmer has brought total, healing darkness to tens of thousands of individuals at his retreats and millions more on his viral YouTube live darkness feeds.

Join us on this immense journey as we learn first-hand about the healing value of darkness! Listen here:

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Featuring David Guzman as Welmer Enquiry.