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Hi, I’m A Depressing Documentary And I’m Here To Ruin Your Weekend

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Psst, I heard you were feeling pretty good lately. Almost happy. Well, I’m a 9-part, critically-acclaimed documentary, and I’d like to destroy your weekend. Maybe you heard about me from your liberal Aunt Lala, The New York Times, or NPR. I’ll tell you the truth, unlike Terry Gross who lied to you when she told you I’m “inspiring.” I’m actually a sad lump of excrement rolled…




Medium humor. Large laughs.

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Emily Menez

Emily Menez

Menez is a comedy writer who has created content for IFC, McSweeney’s, and CBS. She hails from Overland Park, Kansas, which is the coolest part of the Midwest.

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